miércoles, 31 de julio de 2013

Joao Batista Matos African Food History

African food is that food produced in any African region. Many people think it is a meal created by the inhabitants of North America africanana descent, but the fact is that the origin is located on the mainland of Africa. With the passage of time and due to atmospheric changes that have influenced the continent climate limited the availability of food producing changes that affected the ingredients and in some cases their preparation.

The dependence of the hunt

Prior to the year 7000 BC, the African hordes were dependent on organized hunts to feed. The grounds were full of flora and fauna in all regions, though not considered the possibility of working the land as it was not necessary for the abundance that were everywhere in Africa. There was a gender division of labor, men were dedicated to go hunting in groups and women dedicated their work to pick fruit and vegetables from trees and shrubs.

The meats and vegetables

The different types of vegetables and meats were very popular among African inhabitants. Later they were forced to import beef was Asian because all they wanted to cook in but was common sopicaldos nixing elaboration. More fishing north had more motion and were indefatigable collectors, agriculture brought them the most important subsistence and meat and fish were adding more to the new kitchen instead of eating it raw.

Stewed meat

You could say that African food made with meat is a meat stew. Rice is made with potatoes or cassava are also usually add grains such as corn. There are variations depending on the region where we are: in the central meat is used to a greater extent, while in the coastal areas used more fish in their culinary creations. Also these foods seasoned with spices that depend on each area. The people of integrated zones routes that often use spices traditionally transited the seasons of those places while in other regions.